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How to Care for a Dementia Patient at Home

Dementia can be described as a loss of cognitive function that happens with some diseases. It affects thinking, behavior and memory. A […]

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Top 10 home health care agencies in Chicago

Top 10 Home Health Care Agencies in Chicago.

Home health care is a wide range of medical care services that can be given in the comfort of your home for […]

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Vitamins for Hair Loss.

Hair loss is an important manifestation of menopause and aging. Averagely, the scalp gets to lose approximately 100 hairs a day. Vitamins […]

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tinnitus and hearing loss

Tinnitus and its causes.

Tinnitus is a condition in which one hears a buzzing, ringing, roaring or sometimes hissing sounds in one or both ears. This […]

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Breast cancer: What elderly women need to know.

The month of October is breast cancer awareness month and now even more than ever, there’s that need to talk about the […]

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Applied Home Health Network: Navigating the Balance Between Professional Expertise and Compassionate Care

How To Maintain Your Health When Dealing With Extremely Hot Weather Conditions

In recent times, there have been extreme weather changes that have been caused by climate change which has resulted in extremely hot […]

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Technology For The Elderly

Growing old doesn’t have to be boring in this technological age. The elderly can also enjoy technology while retiring. Technology is one […]

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Post-Covid and The Elderly

Risk increases with age is a true fact of every aspect of our lives. The elderly, in the case of Covid-19 are […]

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Why You Should Consider Home Health Care

A lot of people prefer to heal at home after being treated in the hospital. Similarly, aged and senior adults love to […]

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